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Searching On BizBen - Frequently Asked Questions

What is What info can I find on it? Is It Free to use? was established in 1994 by Peter Siegel, MBA and consists of over 8,000 California small to mid-sized businesses for sale and business wanted to buy postings in the California marketplace. BizBen also offers its viewers/users information that's updated hourly: Blogs, Articles, Discussions, Podcasts, News & Tips, Events (Webinars, Workshops, etc) and a Resource/Directory of all professional services to complete California deals. BizBen also offers potential business buyers, owner/sellers, business brokers, and intermediaries their popular ProSell & ProBuy Programs. BizBen is FREE to utilize / search on and has over 500+ new and refreshed postings daily! Make sure you come back frequently since new information is posted hourly.

Is there a cost to use (view info on) BizBen? Is it Free to search the site?

There is no cost (its FREE!) to search or use other great tools like saving postings & posts, notes taken online, etc on any of our online postings and posts on BizBen. There is a minimal cost to place a posting (advertising) to sell a business or post a business wanted to buy. We email out over 90,000 informational emails daily (Email Alerts & Reports of New & Refreshed Postings/Info) and thousands of business buyers, business owner/sellers, and brokers view our information hourly (because of all the ongoing updates!)

I lost my BizBen Password - how do I retreve it to log into BizBen?

If you forget your BizBen password go to the Log In and utilize the lost my password function and enter your BizBen Account email address and we will email your password.

What are Daily Email Reports?

Daily Email Reports are a compilation of all new listings for the previous day that have been added to BizBen. You can select reports by:  Geographic area, business category (over 25 available), business specialty selections (over 30 available), and by all counties in California. Your Daily Email Report will be emailed to you early in the morning if their have been any new listings that have been added the previous day in one single report. To ensure you get your Daily Email Reports make sure you add to your Email program's "safe-list" so emails we send to you don't go into your spam folder by mistake! You can edit, turn off your campaign in your BizBen MyAdmin module.

How do I make sure Emails/Messages from BizBen don't go into my SPAM/Trash folder?

To make sure all important emails/messages are sent to you from BizBen (and from interested site Users about your content on BizBen) don't end up into your email program's spam/junk folder by mistake - make sure you put these email addresses into you email address book: and Also put in your "Safe Senders / White List" in your email program this will also help insure you get all important emails sent to you from BizBen regarding your info and advertising/postings on our site.

What are Instant Email Alerts?

Instant Email Alerts on BizBen let you get instant notices by email new listings that have been posted/advertised. You select what geographic areas you want and business catagories (25 different ones) and business types (over 600). You can be as specific as you want in your selection. All serious buyers should sign up for and receive BizBen Instant Email Alerts - many of the best businesses for sale go into contract fairly quickly so you want to me one of the first to receive notices of new postings and be able to act on them. You can add or edit your criteria at anytime. Make sure you also put on you Email program's "safe-list" so emails we send to you don't go into your spam folder by mistake!

Can I edit or turn off Instant Email Alerts, Daily Email Reports?

Yes. Lets say your going on vacation, or you just want to turn off/suspend your Instant Email Alerts or Daily Email Reports (of new and refreshed postings) you can in your My Admin section (on the upper lefthand side of this page) when you login to your BizBen Account. At anytime you can "turn on, turn off/Suspend" these functions. You can also edit any of these Email Report/Alert functions at anytime.

Is my information secure with your site?

Yes. BizBen does not sell or give out to anyone your information, email address, name etc. We value your privacy as we do ours. BizBen also utilizes to ensure your privacy the best encryption code and security programs available.

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